HRLC Information Services Committee - Database Request Form

As a cooperative organization, it is important that all members have an opportunity to express their ideas and suggestions. The HRLC Information Services Committee has developed a "Database Request Form." If there is a database that you would like the Information Services Committee to consider adding to the HRLC Vendor Discount List (, please fill out the form below. Please provide as much information as you can so that the Committee can make an informed decision.

1. Product/Database Name (Required):

2. Vendor/Supplier (Required):

3. Source for more information (URL for product information, sales representative, etc.):

4. Does your library currently subscribe to or use this product: Yes      No

5. Do you know if any HRLC libraries subscribe to this product? If so, which libraries?

6. This product will be of most use to what type of library (check all that apply):
School (K-5)
School (6-8)
School (9-12)
Special (Hospital, Corporate, etc.)

7. Why is this product of interest to you? (Required)

8. Is there a similar product available from another vendor? If so, how is this product of more value than its competitor?

9. Please include any price information you have:

Please provide information about yourself so that we may contact you in the future regarding this product (ALL fields are required):

Your name:



E-mail address:

Phone number:

Would you be willing to assist the HRLC Information Services Committee in an evaluation of this product? Yes      No


Please submit questions or interest in becoming a committee member to Ann DeRenzis, Chair, Information Services Committee, at .

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