FY 2005 Database Discount:

Free trial until 5/14/04


Highlands Regional Library Cooperative's username is hrlc and the password is hrlc. All letters are case sensitive. For evaluation purposes this trial can be used on any computer and shared concurrently.

SPECIAL: New subscribers - sign an agreement by June 15, 2004 and receive the AP Text database FREE and also receive AccuWeather Premium at no additional charge!

You are invited to enjoy a free trial to the most reliable and credible primary source online database available today, the AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive. It contains roughly 800,000 of the Associated Press' photos and access to thousands of textbook quality graphics including charts, maps, timelines, company logos, do-it-yourself home improvements diagrams and more. Also available are AP Audio clips and Text news stories. Public library patrons and staff, students, teachers and administrators have utilized the Archive enthusiastically throughout the US for the past five years. All images include complete citation information, along with captioned text that brings every photo subject into an immediate understandable context. Explore history, science, art, business, current events, math and more.

The photos date back to the 1840’s and are updated by the minute for immediate access to worldwide events. Recently digitized historical photographs are added on a regular basis. The speed with which the Archive delivers current, library-quality photos and textual information is unsurpassed, permitting users to see history as it happens. With no advertisements or links to other web sites, our database will provide a secure site so that the Internet will be used in a safe and responsible manner.

The AP's photos, maps and timelines are more current than any textbook. The Archive provides photographs with an unbiased perspective. Up-to-the-minute still photographs capture individuals and events with a clarity, intensity and focus that video cannot. Moving pictures can sweep across a crowd so quickly that an individual's emotion and the event in which the subject is a participant, become things of the past, before one has had a chance to contemplate the moment. The Archive can isolate and zoom in on the human condition in ways that brief television newsreels cannot.

Because the AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive is licensed for educational research, patrons, faculty, students, parents and administrators may use its contents in research papers, theses, reports, PowerPoint presentations, overhead presentations, etc. Images may also be saved or downloaded to a hard drive or disc, or simply printed directly from the Archive.

Let the Multimedia Archive round out your online database needs. It will not duplicate any database that you currently have. By subscribing to this one-of-a-kind Archive, you will save on the wear and tear of your valuable books and photos, and decrease vandalism of your library resources. The Archive can be accessed on campus and remotely.

For more information and to order please contact:
Mary Narin -
toll free 888-438-9847 x 5365 direct 386-447-9115 fax 386-447-9215

Suggested Applications and Sample Searches (find sample searches, MLA citations, a tour and more):

If you have any difficulties anytime while using the Archive, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support staff at 1-800-249-5389 or by email at .

We recommend viewing and printing a hard copy of the User's Guide and FAQ section located on the home page. Here, you will find many tips and hints that will prove to be very useful. To begin exploring the Archive, simply do the following:

  1. Go to our web site at http://ap.accuweather.com/.
  2. Click on "Click here to enter and search the archive".
  3. Enter the username and password, as listed above. It is case sensitive. Click "O.K."
  4. The Search page will first turn black and will be ready for use when the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE fields are viewable in the colored border at the top of your screen.
  5. Search examples:
    1. Type today in the WHEN field. Click search or Enter and find out what is happening right now in the world. Click on any photo. It will enlarge. Scroll down and notice the submit date and time.
    2. Type ‘world war II’ in the WHAT field and type 1945 in the WHEN field. Click Search or Enter.

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