Our training video collection will give you some great information and insights on customer service, supervisory skills, and many other topics, like conflict management, effective listening and sexual harassment.

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Customer Service

FISH! It Started as a Film. It Became a Phenomenon

FISH!, the world’s best selling business film, has been called an antidote to cynicism, depression, burnout and anger. See what a bunch of fishmongers did to transform their fish market into a thriving, world famous business where people come from all corners of the globe to watch them work and to soak up the energy that they create every day. The fishmongers live by four basic principles that transform a cold, smelly, damp, 12-hour-a-day job into a fun, vibrant and exciting endeavor that allows them to engage customers with whole-heartedness and passion. You won’t believe how easily the lessons of FISH! will translate to your workplace—and your life!

This three-video set includes the original FISH! video, FISH! Sticks and FISH! Tales. Examples of FISHin’ Gear products will be lent along with the videos. 17 minutes. 17 minutes. 9 minutes.

GIVE 'EM THE PICKLE! - Bob Farrell

Produced by Bob Farrell "the most impassioned customer service guru of his time," offers a fun, motivating look at taking care of customers. Learn to give your customers "pickles" - those extra and special things you do to make them happy - through Service, Attitude, Consistency and Teamwork. 18 minutes. "Give 'em the Pickle" book and sample pickle products will be lent with the video.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: More than a Smile

What is good customer service? This training package includes a step-by-step guide for leading a half-day workshop, as well as reproducible worksheets and handouts for participants. The videotape and trainers package helps demonstrate techniques for improving customer service in the library. It helps library staff become more aware of the importance of customer service and equips them with the skills they need to provide that service. The Library Video Network produces this video. 13 minutes.

Total Quality Management in Libraries – Connie Merritt

Using vignettes set in libraries for illustration, business and industry expert Connie Merritt discusses and demonstrates the principles of Total Quality Management, a customer-driven approach to internal and external service. 26 minutes.

Achieving Breakthrough Service in Libraries – ALA Teleconference

Speakers from the Harvard Business School discuss ways to take a fresh look at meeting customer needs. Includes video “visits” to libraries with innovative customer-responsive programs, and discussion with librarians in the studio audience.

Libraries and the Law

SAFEGUARDING OUR PATRONS’ PRIVACY: What Every Librarian Needs to know About the USA PATRIOT Act & Related Anti-Terrorism Measures

This videotape captures the 120-minute live broadcast portion of the satellite teleconference of December 11, 2002. The teleconference focuses on the impact on libraries and their patrons of the USA PATRIOT Act, the FBI Guidelines, Homeland Security, and other anti-terrorism measures that have been put in place since September 11, 2001.    The teleconference provides libraries and their governing institutions with an analysis of these measures and addresses the steps that institutions need to take to comply with proper search warrants, subpoenas, and wiretap requests from law enforcement. The panelists address the key legal issues and policy implications for libraries and the impact of legislative and regulatory proposals on the privacy and First Amendment rights of library users.

Coping with Change

Windows of Change

How can we best adapt to the constant, rapid changes that affect our world and workplace? Jennifer James explains how to overcome resistance and change our strategies while maintaining our values.  Geared toward all levels of staff and management, this video and accompanying booklet offer exercises, questions for discussion, and clear explanations of the change process, styles of change, coping strategies, and ways to move from resistance to engagement. 25 minutes

Outreach and Marketing

Workshops for Friends: Advocacy/Board Development – Friends of Libraries U.S.A.

In the first segment, a Public Affairs V.P. for Lockheed Corp. explains how to use the political system to your library’s advantage, and advocate for your library by making its story heard. In the second segment, a business expert discusses ways to keep your board engaged, active, and effective.  Although the workshops are described as “new strategies for the 90’s,” many of the points made are timeless (“Politicians love to have their pictures taken. Politicians especially love to have their pictures taken with children.”)

Technical Services

Basic Book Repair – Jane Greenfield

Jane Greenfield demonstrates and talks the viewer through basic repairs such as mending spines and tightening loose cases. Simple equipment and supplies are used. 30 minutes.


Does this Completely Answer Your Question? – ALA Video

This is useful for any professional or paraprofessional who staffs a reference or information desk.  Illustrates the model reference behaviors needed to get from the question that the library user asks to the “real” question that needs to be answered. Uses vignettes to demonstrate the process, from setting the tone to providing follow-up. 16 minutes.

Coaching: Practice Makes Perfect – ALA Video

A follow-up to “Does this Completely Answer Your Question?” Model reference behaviors are best learned through on-the-job practice with colleagues providing mutual support and feedback. This video explains how colleagues can coach one another, and is presented in a lively, entertaining style. 16 minutes.

Questions of Health – South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative

Health questions at the reference or information desk present special challenges, as library users may be reticent about revealing their real information needs. This video shows model reference behaviors for tactful and effective health-related reference interviews, with illustrative “do” and “don’t” vignettes.

From the Front of the Room:  Trainers Discuss Diversity Training

Three Trainers discuss their experiences from conducting diversity training and awareness sessions. This tape provides insight into the area if you are just beginning a diversity education program or if you are experienced and need to examine the issues from a trainer’s point of view. 16 minutes.

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