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Tech Training classes are listed below. Some additional technical classes are available on request. If you don't see the class you need listed here, please ask.

ACCESS I-BEGINNER: Applying the new Access 2000 features, Access gives you powerful tools for managing your data. Find and retrieve information quickly and take advantage of automated, pre-packaged solutions to quickly create databases. Subjects covered: plan a database; create, save, open and close a database; create, modify, format and enter data into tables; create and modify forms; headers/footers, change field lengths; add graphics to forms; data sort and filter data, create and modify a query and create simple reports. Time: 2 Days (12 hours)

ACCESS II-INTERMEDIATE: Enhance database designs by using principles of normalization and table relationships. Learn how to query multiple tables for data that are used in forms and reports. Time: 6 hours

EXCEL I- BEGINNER: Subjects covered: Creating, editing and setting up an electronic spreadsheet, including entering and editing formulas and data; creating, saving, closing and opening the worksheet; Fill Handle; copy, cut and paste; using Bold, Italics, Underlining and printing techniques. Also covered: column width, formatting, printing, headers & footers, and page numbering. Time: 6 hours

EXCEL II - INTERMEDIATE: Analyze, organize, and filter your statistical and budget data using easy to learn advanced functions. Explore the many benefits of lining multiple sheet workbooks; organize your work with pivot tables; link multiple worksheets; consolidate and analyze data; use and edit comments; work with locked cells and cell protection. Time: 6 hours

HTML I - BASICS: Basic HTML is necessary even for FrontPage and HotMetal Pro users. Learn to recognize the components of an HTML file and create a file. Formatting paragraphs, fonts, and background colors will be easy to fix on a web page once these codes are understood. Take the mystery out of web pages once and for all. Time: 3 hours

HTML II - INTERMEDIATE: Take the next step to enhance your web page by creating tables, linking text and documents, creating lists, adding and mapping images and using additional tags. Time: 3 hours

JAVASCRIPT I - FUNDAMENTALS: Investigate and utilize JavaScript basics by entering JavaScript into a web page. Students will learn event handling, create custom functions, control structures, code formatting, and image rollover effect. Time: 3 hours

PC MAINTENANCE I: Learn how to: set up and connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer; upgrade RAM, hard drives, motherboards and software; clean up temporary directories, cache and old files, "clean" inside the CPU and develop a maintenance plan that works. Time: 3 hours

PC MAINTENANCE II: Learn how to: recover lost data; organize file structure; set consistent standards for all your PCs and understand the boot process. Learn about Windows Error Messages and review utilities that let you monitor the performance of your system's components. Time: 3 hours

PC TROUBLESHOOTING I: Gain the technical know-how you need to successfully troubleshoot and get the maximum performance from your PC. Learn how to: diagnose and correct hardware and software problems; identify and resolve printer issues; identify, test and report telecommunications issues; use methods to identify connectivity problems (is it the PC, LAN or Internet?); keep abreast of new developments in technology. Time: 3 hours

PC TROUBLESHOOTING II: Learn to troubleshoot problems the technical way, find and fix easy problems with Windows troubleshooters and learn more tips to improve your hard disk performance. Time: 3 hours

PHOTOSHOP I - BASICS: PhotoShop has set the standard for image manipulation since 1987. Learn the basics of editing, working with the toolbox, palettes, selection modes and tools, transformations, color modes and models, paintbrushes and art tools, digital painting, multiple layers and advanced painting techniques. Time: 6 hours

PHOTOSHOP II - INTERMEDIATE: Learn how to merge layers, work with layer effects and layer blending modes. Students will apply, edit and remove layer masks, create paths, work with several types of filters to improve your pictures and create interesting effects. Add type to pictures, special effects and learn the basics of Photoshop ImageReady. Time: 6 hours

PUBLISHER I - BEGINNER: Create professional-quality newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, and web sites. Achieve professional results without design expertise. Subjects covered include the basics of using Publisher, but focus on skills needed to produce a quality newsletter, including publishing on paper and on-line. Time: 6 hours

WORD - CREATE EYE-CATCHING BROCHURES, NEWSLETTERS, ADS AND REPORTS: Understand and practice the fundamentals of effective graphic design using Word Desktop Publishing features. Each student will design an attention getting tri-fold brochure, newsletter and coupon using color and graphics and see how to guide readers toward what's important. Students will learn what good design is and what it can accomplish and how to achieve the look and feel that works best for a particular document. Time: 3 hours

WORD - DESIGN & LAYOUT: Students will become familiar with essential principles of design and layout and learn several choices they have when creating documents. Students explore theories of type (fonts) and apply advanced formatting to fonts, create drop caps, and use special symbols for bulleted lists. Students will improve the layout of Word documents using line spacing, section breaks, and the ruler. Students will add a pull-quote enclosed in a text box, and create a watermark. Time: 3 hours

WORD - TIPS, TRICKS AND TROUBLESHOOTING: You won't believe what you've been missing! Learn to: make using Word simpler and more fun by means of simple tips and tricks; address and solve Word mysteries, such as why items seem to vanish or pop up automatically; discover hidden shortcuts using the mouse, keyboard and icons. If you've ever asked, "Hey, why did my toolbar disappear?" this hands-on course is for you. Time: 3 hours

WORD I - BEGINNER: Subjects covered: Dialog boxes, creating and editing documents, formatting, setting margins, tabs, saving and opening files, spellchecker, thesaurus, grammar check and printing a document, Search & Replace, Paragraph markers, Toolbars, Ruler, Format Painter, Shortcuts for highlighting text. Time: 6 hours