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A reference tool that proves its worth

World Book Online was designed to help students and teachers find answers quickly. Answers that are accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. Answers that are trusted and referenced by teachers and librarians around the world. Updated regularly by World Book editors, World Book Online features thousands of articles, maps, pictures, sounds, and video that are delivered to you over the web. World Book's reference resources are supported by Behind the Headlines articles, Calendar-based features, and the Learning Zone of extra teacher- and student-related resources.

Global coverage

World Book Online acts as your own comprehensive research assistant, wherever you are in the world. The North American readers benefit from additional detailed coverage of the United States and Canada plus articles from quality newspapers and magazines. Schools and libraries in other English-speaking countries benefit from detailed coverage of their own country, in a version written in international English.

Partnership in education

For more than 80 years, World Book editors have relied on feedback from teachers throughout the world. This partnership has made World Book the number one print encyclopedia in the world. Today, as we enter a new era with World Book Online, we aim to improve and enhance our vital partnership with teachers to make World Book the number one Internet encyclopedia

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