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Available to all Academic, all Public, all High School and Middle School Libraries (public and private) and Corporate Libraries in the Highlands Region at no charge through a regional license.

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CountryWatch.com is an information provider for schools, universities, libraries and individuals who need up-to-date information and news on the countries of the world and for the public and private sector organizations with global operations and interests. The management of CountryWatch.com has extensive international business and academic experience and, using this experience, has created, in a concise and useful form, a key set of political, economic, and business information, daily news and data for its clients in the form of Country ReviewsTM, the Country WireTM and CountryWatch Data.

The HRLC regional license provides full access to CountryWatch ReviewsTM, CountryWireTM, CountryWatch@School, CountryWatch Map Gallery, and CountryWatch Data. It includes unlimited remote and local access to educational institutions. All Corporate libraries are limited to a 5-user account and access to CountryWatch Premium Services only within the Corporate Library. Access available in mid-April at no charge to eligible participants.

Added Benefit: CountryWatch Forecast.

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Available to all Academic, all Public, all High School and Middle School Libraries (public and private) and Corporate Libraries in the Highlands Region at no charge through a regional license.

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Please fill out the Registration Form below and return it ASAP to the HRLC Office. Access is available as soon as April 15, 2004.

NOTE: Those who currently have access through HRLC's regional license and who are not making any modifications to their records (i.e. IP Address, barcode, etc.) do not need to submit this form. Access will continue into the new fiscal year.

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____ Referring URL Verification/embedding: Please provide the URL of the web page where your users, after being authenticated by your site by your authentication methods (i.e. username/password, barcodes), will go in order to access CountryWatch. If this process is unavailable please use either the Barcode Authentication or Assigned Registration Code option.

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____ Library Card Barcode Authentication: This requires you to place a link to our homepage, that we will provide, which is accessible to your library users. Please provide us with the barcode range (up to 14 numbers) for your library patrons and we will set up a link that will prompt the user to enter their library card barcode and allow access from your homepage to those users whose library card barcodes fall within the specified ranges.

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____ Assigned Registration Code: The assigned registration code allows for multi-user access using unique usernames and passwords that are created by you or the patron using the registration code. If desired, you can create a single username and password to allow multi-user access, instead of using the registration code to create usernames and passwords.

For more information and technical questions, contact:
Grant Panchacharam, , CountryWatch, 800-879-3885 x131 or
Support, , 800-879-3885 x4.

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