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The CQ Electronic Library currently consists of 8 web-based subscriptions:


  • CQ Electronic Library voted a Best Reference Database for 2000 and 2001” by Library Journal
  • CQ Researcher awarded the 2002 American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award
  • CQ Researcher awarded the 2002 Society of Professional Journalists Award for Excellence
  • CQ Supreme Court Collection awarded 2002 Best Internet Database by the Association of American Publishers, Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division
  • Who needs it? Who doesn’t? - NetConnect (Fall 2002)

Technical features included in every CQ Electronic Library subscription include e-mail-a-friend and printer-friendly text output options, remote access and usage statistics, keyword and advanced search capabilities including Boolean full text and date searches. Full-text articles of the CQ Researcher are available on the web up to 48 hours before the print edition.

The CQ Researcher guides your students and patrons through the first steps in conducting thorough, non-biased research. It has been providing comprehensive, nonpartisan analysis of contemporary issues for over 75 years and is one of the most frequently used resources in libraries today. Each of the 44 reports (including four expanded issues) provides up-to-date information on controversial topics, pro and con arguments by experts, original news composed by CQ’s staff of reporters, a chronology, and annotated bibliographies to guide additional research. And now you can have this wealth of information at your fingertips. Web access provides you with: searchable archives dating back to 1991 to enhance research; Boolean full text and date searches; wider access through IP authentication, which eliminates in-use copies; reliable information that is never lost, stolen or damaged; PDF files so you can download and print reports; a Past Reports section that includes editors’ selection of 3 topics in the news; Citing CQ that shows users the preferred method for citing in MLA & APA formats; and earlier access to new issues of The CQ Researcher.

In fact, the web site makes upcoming issues of The CQ Researcher available 48 hours before they go to press. That means you can view new issues of The CQ Researcher roughly a week before the print version. The CQ Researcher recently won the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists and has partnered with PBS for their Democracy Project Online: Election 2000.

CQ Supreme Court Collection-NEW A unique new electronic resource that provides the context and analysis of the Supreme Court and its decisions not available in any other Web-based product. CQ Supreme Court Collection blends historical analysis with timely updates and expert commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of Supreme Court Justices, Supreme Court institutional history, and the U.S. Constitution

Summaries and analysis of more than 4000 major decisions
Dynamics and Alliances is a powerful and unique tool to research justices’ voting records and opinion alliances.

CQ’s Electronic Encyclopedia of American Government is based on the highly regarded A-Z Encyclopedia Series that includes The Presidency A-Z; Congress A-Z; The Supreme Court A-Z; and Elections A-Z. Written with CQ’s trademark journalistic clarity and expert understanding of the whys and hows of American Government The Electronic Encyclopedia offers a complete, definitive, reference resource.

The Electronic Encyclopedia of American Government provides over 1,100 searchable topics covering the three branches of American government, up-to-date critical information on elections, over 200 illustrations, access to GovLinks, the best collection of hyperlinks available to key American Government online resources, the complete text of the US Constitution and a Guide to Constitution, a Click and Quiz section that challenges your knowledge of American Government against CQ experts, quarterly updates, and much more.

Searching is made easy. In addition to simple, Boolean or full text searches you can browse by content, alphabetical entries, branch of government, elections or illustrations. Or you can use the Essential Quick Search Guides to:

Biographies of American Leaders
The US Constitution, Articles, and Amendments
Political Parties in America
Division of Powers, Authority, and Jurisdiction
Origins and Evolution of American Democracy
How our Government is organized
How our Government Works
Ethics and Qualifications
Click and Quiz – Test Your Knowledge.

CQ, long recognized as the leading source of award-winning print references on American Government brings the Electronic Encyclopedia of American Government to you. Act now to take advantage of this expertise online.

The CQ Public Affairs Collection-NEW, your single source for public affairs content, provides clarity, authority, and context for today’s vital debates. Organized by 20 key topics—including Advocacy and Public Service, Education, the Environment, Health, Science and Technology, and Transportation—the collection features in-depth reporting on critically important issues, statistical and historical analyses, full-text and excerpts of historic documents and primary sources, as well as a who’s who directory to the key government, non-profit, and private organizations in each of the major public affairs topics.

Ideal for researchers and students of public affairs and public policy, social work, government, political science, journalism, and communications, the CQ Public Affairs Collection is also an essential one-stop reference tool for lobbyists, government and non-profit organizations, and informed citizens everywhere. Featuring advanced search and navigational functions, the collection presents CQ’s original, relevant content in an exceptionally well-organized and easy-to-use format. Patrons will find chronologies, cross-links to related records, and public domain images; bibliographies and carefully selected Web links direct users to additional sources of information.

CQ Insider-New - CQ Insider brings together CQ's wealth of contact and descriptive information on more than 10,000 federal government offices, regulatory agencies, congressional committees, judicial offices, public interest groups, nonprofits, international organizations, and state government offices in a single, easy-to-use, and fully integrated database. Searchable and browsable, the CQ Insider provides verified and updated mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web site addresses, contact names, and descriptions for thousands of organizations along with letter templates, a customized Address Book, and much more.

Features of the CQ Insider include:
- Personalization through "Your Profile" and "Your Address Book" to capture up to 200 records of contact information for repeated retrieval
- "Letter Template" with automatically loading organization addresses and links to letter-writing hints
- Save and Export options for spreadsheet and word-processing programs, plus e-mail and printing options.
- "Frequently Requested Information" with dozens of the most commonly needed phone numbers and Web addresses
- "What's Going On this Week," a calendar of conferences, anniversaries, and other important events and happenings, complete with Web links
- Tips and information on careers and internships in Washington.

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