This form should only be submitted to the Regional Office at the end of MARCH (for Jan-Mar), JUNE (for Apr-Jun),
SEPTEMBER (for Jul-Sep) or DECEMBER (for Oct-Dec).

Library Name (Required):       Delivery ID#:
School District:
Your Name:
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1st Month:    Sent in Region:    Sent Out of Region:
2nd Month:    Sent in Region:    Sent Out of Region:
3rd Month:    Sent in Region:    Sent Out of Region:

Instructions for statistical reporting:
  1. Libraries receiving Delivery Service have agreed to provide the Cooperative with statistics, which are needed to meet State reporting requirements. Failure to return statistics to the Regional Office could result in termination of service.

  2. Make sure the library name is on the form. Forms without library names obviously cannot be credited. Suggestion: type the library name on a master form and make copies from that.

  3. All packages sent out of the library via the delivery service should be counted. Place the number in the appropriate column: # of packages sent within the Region (Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren Counties) or # of packages sent outside the Region. We do not count statistics on how many items you receive.

  4. Please enter the totals at the end of each quarter. The Regional Office processes statistics for over 250 libraries each quarter. All incomplete forms will be returned and will not be credited.

  5. If you are sending a hard copy of your form to the Regional Office, PLEASE do not send your original form, but make a copy and send the copy to the Regional Office. File the original form so you still have a record of your statistics in the event they become lost en route to the Regional Office and you are asked to submit them again..
Statistics should be sent to the Regional Office via the "SUBMIT" button above, via FAX (973-664-1780) or via the delivery service at the End of each Quarter!!

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