Description and Guiding Principles


The HRLC was the result of the merger of Regions I and II of the New Jersey Library Network as mandated by the State Librarian in September 1993. The merger took place in January 1994.

The Cooperative is a membership-driven non-profit corporation. Its more than 900 members provide library services to people of all ages and backgrounds. It includes academic, corporate, institutional, public, and school libraries and library organizations serving 2.2 million people residing in the counties embraced by the Cooperative. Each member retains its unique identity while contributing toward collaborative efforts.


The Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, a non-profit, multi-type library cooperative serving residents of Northern New Jersey, strengthens its members by sharing resources, services, and expertise to create the best library service in New Jersey.


The Planning Committee identified the following principles to guide HRLC:


The following is our vision of the Highlands Regional Library Cooperative at its best in three to five years:

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