Highlands Regional Library Cooperative
Delivery Service for HRLC Members:
Adding a Day or Requesting Start-up

FAX to 973-664-1780           ATTN: Gail Schuldner

Our library currently receives:      4 days/week Delivery    2 days/week Delivery    NO Delivery
Our library would like to:       Purchase 2 day/week service       Purchase 1 additional day of service
Begin 2 day/week service        Other (please explain):
Library Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
City, St, Zip:
Telephone:           Fax:     
E-mail Address:
   Check Here if Billing Address is the Same as Address Above
Address 1:
Address 2:
City, St, Zip:
Telephone:           Fax:     
Please describe where the driver should enter the building and give directions to the library or where deliveries/pickups should be made:
Please describe where deliveries should be made (i.e. Circ Desk, Main Office, etc.):

I have read the Regional Delivery Service Guidelines found at hrlc.org/delivery-guidelines.htm and agree to all terms and conditions, including submitting Delivery Statistics.