Regional Delivery Service
Delivery is Provided by CD&L to all four Regions in New Jersey

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Helpful Hints for Using CD&L:

  1. Train staff to provide full, correct and clearly written addresses on delivery shipping labels. See DELIVERY LISTS for all information.
  2. Train staff to use the CD&L ID numbers on every package shipped. (We see many examples of packages w/out numbers.)
  3. Train staff to know that CD&L will only deliver to other libraries that are on CD&L (Not all libraries are on CD&L. If a library does not have a CD&L #, items need to be sent via USMail).
  4. Train staff to note the actual ship date on the label rather than the date the package was processed.
  5. Put your library's ID number in the area, shelf or box where material is picked up and delivered.
  6. Package materials in plastic bags available from the HRLC Office.
  7. Package materials in sturdy boxes.
  8. Train staff that boxes may weigh up to but not greater than 50 lbs.
  9. Communicate any delivery issue or problem promptly to the HRLC Office either via or by phone.

Two day per week service will occur on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are paying for a third day of service, the extra day will be on Friday. Four day per week service will occur on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you are paying for a fifth day of service, you will have delivery Monday-Friday.

CD&L has assigned every library in the state with an ID number, which is to be used along with the library address on the delivery label. The plan is to have every package label marked with the ID number of the library the package is being shipped to. Utilizing the number system will ensure that the sort, distribution and delivery will be smooth and efficient. Starting with the first items you ship next week, you will need to write the four-digit ID number legibly near the Regional designation letter (S, C, H, or I) on the shipping label.

Delivery Statistics are still a requirement. Please be sure to fill out the forms correctly and send them to the Regional Office (see Statistical and Reimbursement Forms below).

The following documentation is available to assist you. Some are in PDF format, which require Adobe Acrobat to read. Download the latest version. [Adobe Logo]

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