The Highlands Regional Library Cooperative (HRLC) is sponsoring a variety of training programs in our the Technical Training Centers (TTCs) at the Somerset County Library, Bridgewater (STTC) and Bergen County Cooperative Library System headquarters, Hackensack (BTTC). Experienced instructors will teach all courses.

The Technical Training Centers are funded and administered jointly by the New Jersey State Library, the Highlands Regional Library Cooperative and their host institutions. There are 10 networked computer workstations in Bergen and 15 workstations in Somerset, both loaded with Microsoft Office, other current software, and Internet access.

The STTC is used to train HRLC member library staff each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The BTTC is used to train HRLC member library staff each Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally, classes are offered on Saturdays in both centers.

Times for all full day classes: Sign-in, 9:00 a.m. Class, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Times for half-day sessions will be noted in the Course Description.

Local TTC Use Policies: both TTCs are available for use by HRLC members for staff training or self-guided learning using the software and information resources currently available in each center. (For additional information, see the official Use Policy for the BTTC and the STTC.) Arrangements can be made in advance with the center administrators to load other software for a special training session, but there may be an installation charge. Please contact Lalita Dileep at STTC (908 526-4016 x108) or Pat Loughnane (201 489-1904) of BCCLS to schedule your session. If you wish to schedule an event during a time which would ordinarily be used by HRLC, please contact Joanne Roukens at 800 638-4752. A voting representative must sign the registration form. Apart from installation charges, there will be no charge to reserve the TTCs for member use.